The ClearPlex® ProtectionPro Advantage by Madico®

ProtectionPro is a high-performance screen and full body protection system for all types of devices—from legacy to the newest releases. With ProtectionPro, you’ll always have stock so you can sell to every customer who walks in the door, on-demand, every time. That’s the ProtectionPro advantage.

The Fastest Way

to Produce a Screen Protector and Generate Sales

The ClearPlex® ProtectionPro system consists of a cutter, film, mat, and access to a cloud-based library of approximately 3,000 designs. Access a design template from our library. Download it, cut it, install it, and you’re done.

Generate sales immediately

Easy setup and training. Start selling from Day One.

Any device, on-demand

Sell to every customer, those with legacy devices to the newest releases.

Leader in on-demand protection

With thousands of locations worldwide, we are a trusted leader with unmatched experience.

Free up shelf space

No need to stock and display dozens of different products.

Simplify inventory

Never have too much or too little. Effortless inventory forecasting.

Fastest design team

Our competitors take up to a week to create a device template. With our design team and proprietary process, our goal is a 24-hour turnaround time for a new pattern.

The Most

Advanced Device Protection

On The Market

Our touchscreen protection is perfect for all types of devices. It’s optically clear, won’t hinder screen responsiveness, features patented impact protection, and is smooth to the touch, like glass.

Full body protection is also available in a variety of designs and textures, increasing both the durability and style of a device. A range of options is available—from 360 degree protection to case-friendly designs.