Blackphone 2 with Silent Phone+Silent World (1 year subscription)

Blackphone 2 with Silent Phone+Silent World (1 year subscription)

  • 2-pin Rest of the World Plug
  • Blackphone is the world’s first smartphone built from the ground up to be private by design.
  • With Silent Circle’s custom Silent OS, Blackphone 2 provides a familiar Android environment and access to Google apps and services.
  • Security Center gives you fine-grain control over app permissions and data shared.
  • With Spaces, you get multiple “virtual” phones while carrying only one device allowing separate work and personal apps and data.
  • With preloaded Silent Phone you have built-in access to encrypted voice communications and unlimited member to member talk and text, file transfer and voice memos.
  • Blackphone is encrypted by default to protect data at rest.

Note: The Silent Circle phone number assigned for the Silent World DID is a US/Swiss number for this region.

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Designed by Silent Circle, Blackphone 2 puts privacy first. With Silent Circle’s custom Silent OS, Blackphone 2 provides a familiar Android environment and access to Google apps and services, while offering choice and control over how and when data is shared. With support for MDM services and Android for Work, Blackphone 2 is ideally suited for enterprise. The Blackphone 2 Security Center gives you fine-grain control over app permissions, so you decide what kind of access individual apps get to your data. And with Spaces, you get multiple “virtual” phones while carrying only one device: use Spaces to separate home and work life, or create a kid-friendly area on your phone – the areas you create and maintain are up to you. Silent Phone gives you built-in access to encrypted voice communications. Communicate with confidence around the world.


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Silent Circle is the world’s most trusted solution for mobile privacy, serving individuals, businesses, and governments in more than 130 countries with a truly revolutionary Enterprise Privacy Platform. Silent Circle is headquartered in Switzerland with employees in more than fifteen countries and devices, software, and services should work seamlessly together to deliver you enterprise privacy in a mobile first world.

Blackphone is the first smartphone that was built from the ground up to be private by design and deliver privacy without compromise. Blackphone 2 is part of Silent Circle’s Enterprise Privacy Platform: its unique combination of devices, software, and services working together to integrate privacy at every level of business.


Blackphone’s customized version of Android, Silent OS, is maintained and updated directly by Silent Circle, which means you get important security patches, fixes, and feature improvements without the usual carrier delays. Other Android devices may wait weeks, months or even a year for updates and patches to make their way through the manufacturer and the carrier’s update processes. By comparison, Silent OS updates come straight from Silent Circle to your Blackphone 2.


The usability you expect, without the leaky data or hooks to carriers

Spaces enables work and personal lives to coexist on one phone

Blackphone’s preloaded apps put you in control of what you share

Blackphone integrates with leading MDM systems and the Android for Work program


  • LTE and Worldwide 3G/HSPA+ connectivity
  • 5.5″ FullHD Gorilla® Glass display
  • Qualcomm® Snapdragon Octa-Core Processor
  • 3GB RAM & 32GB internal storage
  • microSD card slot supports additional 128GB
  • 13 MP BSI Camera Sensor (5 MP front)
  • 3060 mAh Battery with Quick Charge™ 2.0

1 X Blackphone 2 32GB Encrypted and Secure Mobile Phone (Black)
1 X Phone In-built Battery
1 X USB 2.0 Charging and Data Cable
1 X Power Adapter Kit (2-pin Rest of the World Plug)
1 X Documentation
1 X Interior Retail Packing
1 X Retail Box with IMEI Number

1 X Silent Suite first year subscription.
1 X 100 Silent World Minutes every month calling outside the Silent Circle to up to 120 destinations worldwide, for one full year included.


Silent OS is an Android-based operating system, enhanced to address mobile privacy concerns facing enterprises today. Free of bloatware, hooks to carriers, and leaky data, Silent OS puts privacy in the hands of you and your enterprise, without compromising productivity.

Spaces creates multiple, separate virtual phones on one device, enabling work life and personal life to stay securely compartmentalized. No data is shared between spaces.
• Create up to four separate spaces that act like virtual phones
• Keep your apps and data secure
• Customize each space any way you like

Enterprise Spaces
Enterprise spaces are set and controlled by the enterprise, not the end user, enabling user satisfaction while reinforcing enterprise security needs and policies.

Security Centerprivacymeter
At the heart of Silent OS, Security Center puts privacy settings at the user’s fingertips.
• Easily configure settings for individual spaces
• Manage which apps live in each space
• Fine tune individual app permissions so that the user decides the level of data access each app receives

Best in class vulnerability management
Silent OS has the world’s fastest vulnerability management. Critical vulnerabilities are patched within 72 hours of detection or reporting, and updates come directly from Silent Circle, with no carrier delays or waiting periods.

Integrate with your current MDM
Get your enterprise up and running easily. Blackphone integrates with popular MDM systems and the Android for Work Program.