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    nanoPlus™ + nanoPod360™ Nano-Coating Solution

    "Two is always better than one"

    Protection 1: nanoPlus™

    nanoPlus™ is a super-hydrophobic & liquid repellent Nano coating applied on the vital components & parts of electronic devices. The Nano coating creates a barrier to protect the vital electronic components from direct liquid exposure.

    Protection 2: nanoPod360™

    Prevents liquid damage from rain, accidental spills. Safeguard your mobile data.


    1. Does not affect device functionality
    2. Does not change the appearance of the device
    3. Quick and simple treatment procedure
    RM189.00 RM139.00
    RM189.00 RM139.00
  • From: RM159.00

    NanoPlus™ Nano-Coating Solution

    Protect Electronic Devices and Make them Water Repellant

    • nanoPlus™ is an easy to apply liquid coating solution for protecting electronic devices from liquid damage and corrosions.
    • The solution is ideal for use on circuit boards and vital components of electronic devices.
    • nanoPlus™ is an excellent product for repair centers, electronic manufacturers and assembler. It can be easily applied by using direct dipping method. Total treatment time is only 10 minutes.
    • It is non-toxic, non-flammable, ROHS and REACH compliant.
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    From: RM159.00
    From: RM159.00