nanoPlus™ + nanoPod360™ Nano-Coating Solution

nanoPlus™ + nanoPod360™ Nano-Coating Solution

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“Two is always better than one”

Protection 1: nanoPlus™

nanoPlus™ is a super-hydrophobic & liquid repellent Nano coating applied on the vital components & parts of electronic devices. The Nano coating creates a barrier to protect the vital electronic components from direct liquid exposure.

Protection 2: nanoPod360™

Prevents liquid damage from rain, accidental spills. Safeguard your mobile data.


  1. Does not affect device functionality
  2. Does not change the appearance of the device
  3. Quick and simple treatment procedure


This disclaimer is intended and applies to coating service provided on devices that are approved by nanopod360.

The coating service LQP Asia Limited (hereinafter called the ‘Company’) provided on electronic device(s) is provided on a AS ISand AS AVAILABLEbasis, WITHOUT WARRANTIES. All warranties or representations either express or implied are disclaimed with respect to its fitness for a specific application, as we have no knowledge how the device(s) is subsequently used.

Whilst we warrant that the coating service will be provided in accordance with our process and design specifications, the Company and its affiliates hereby disclaim any liability to any persons or entities for any direct, indirect, special, incidental, or consequential damages to the electronic device(s) (including damages for loss of information, data, or the like), whether it is due to negligence or breach of product liability, or otherwise, even if advised of the possibility of such damages.

The service provided herein is subject to the terms and conditions of sale, and the recipient of the service shall comprehend fully the risks inherent prior to proceeding. The application of nanopod360™ to your mobile phone or tablet should not void the warranty. nanopod360™ is designed to protect your device against short term accidental water exposure. You should be aware however that exposing your phone to water can void your phone’s manufacturer warranty, even if it is protected by nanopod360™. We recommend that you do not deliberately submerge your phone in liquid in any circumstances, and we disclaim any liability arising from water or other damages as we have no knowledge how the device is used.

The sole and entire maximum liability of the Company for any reasons or causes, if arisen, and customer’s sole and exclusive remedy for any cause, damage, loss whatsoever, if incurred, shall be limited to the amount paid by the customer for the particular coating service purchased.


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